Why does my cat spread the litter outside the tray?

Cats are famously clean animals. Just like us humans, they like to wash often and keep their waste hidden away.

So, it stands to reason that a nice, tidy litter tray is best for both you and your cat – but even the cleanest cats can be messy from time to time!


Put on your detective’s hat and solve the mystery of your litter tray mess.


Tracking: the prime suspect

If there’s a trail of litter leading from the tray to your cat, you can probably blame tracking. This is what we call it when cat litter gets caught between the pads on your cat’s paws, or in their fur, and carried across the floor.

Paws come in all shapes and sizes, so you might like to try a cat litter with a larger granule that won’t get stuck so easily. It’s why we designed Ever Clean Litterfree Paws for kittens and cats.

Dodge the mess by choosing the right cat litter and litter tray.


What else could it be?

If there’s a bigger mess, or your cat has even managed to upturn the whole litter tray, here are some quickfire tips:

1. A litter tray with higher sides can thwart your enthusiastic digger.

2. Add enough litter to the tray – too little and your cat will have to dig harder.

3. Make sure your litter tray is one-and-a-half times as long as your kitten or cat so they can freely turn.

4. If your cat has sent the litter tray flying, switch to one with a non-slip base. A litter tray mat can also help – but make sure it is comfy on your cat’s paws.

5. Entrance too high? Older or less mobile cats may make a mess if they have trouble climbing in.

6. Never shout or punish your cat – you’ll do more harm than good. Use positive reinforcement to teach them good habits.

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