Frequently Asked Questions

Ever Clean
Which fragrance do you use in Ever Clean?

We have a range of lightly scented Ever Clean cat litters available for you to try.

All fragrances have been chosen because we have found that both cats and their owners love them, plus they are completely safe and harmless for cats. However, if you or your cat are a little more sensitive, you might prefer to try one of our unscented cat litters.

How much Ever Clean should you put in the litter tray?

Fill the litter tray with an even layer of Ever Clean around 7cm deep. For an average tray, this is about 5L of cat litter. After your cat has used the litter tray, scoop out clumps of waste and throw away with your household rubbish. Don’t flush it in the toilet. Any unused cat litter will stay fresh, so simply top up the litter tray with enough Ever Clean to replace what you scooped out.

Where can I buy Ever Clean?

We’ve made a list of the places you can buy Ever Clean here.

What is Ever Clean cat litter made from?

Ever Clean is made from natural bentonite clay, which is the secret to its superior clumping.

It also contains natural coconut shells from which we create our activated carbon technology that traps and locks in odours instead of masking them. Depending on the litter, some products may also contain other ingredients like fragrance and crystals.

Why do you have so many different types of cat litter?

We know that every cat is unique, so we’ve come up with a range of cat litters designed to suit different cats. There are nine to choose from – so pick the best clumping cat litter for your cat!

Where is Ever Clean made?

All Ever Clean cat litters are made in Holland, in a CO2 neutral factory using only the best-quality ingredients.

What is the difference between clumping or non-clumping?

Clumping cat litters absorb litter tray waste from your cat into tight, solid clumps. Clumping cat litter provides superior malodour control odours and easier management of waste which can be easily scooped out and thrown away. In time you simply top up the cat litter what you scooped out.

Non-clumping litters act like toilet paper by soaking up all the liquid they can, but some will inevitably reach the bottom of the tray. You’ll also need to throw away the entire contents of the litter tray and replace it every week. They may be perceived as cost-effective but, in fact, non-clumping litters can actually be more expensive in the long run.

At Ever Clean, all of our clumping cat litters are made of the best quality clumping clay for superior results.

What is the difference between wood, silica gel and clay based litters?

Wood-based cat litters are a cheaper and inferior alternative to non-clumping clay. Silica gel litters, meanwhile, are a chemical-based alternative to non-clumping offer, which have high levels of absorbency.

Ever Clean only offers clumping cat litter based from natural bentonite clay. In our tests bentonite clay has consistently performed far better than other alternatives. In fact, our results show that Ever Clean can last for up to two months, meaning fewer litter tray changes and saving you money.

The cat litter isn’t clumping or controlling odours. What’s wrong?

Please make sure you don’t mix Ever Clean with other brands or types of cat litter, because it won’t have the same superior clumping action and odour control.

For full effectiveness, you’ll also need to make sure you’re filling the tray with 7cm of Ever Clean and replacing the whole tray as often as the packaging instructs. Should you still find that Ever Clean isn’t performing as you would expect, please contact us and we’ll help you get to the bottom of it.

How is Ever Clean better than other cat litters?

All of our litters are safe for your cat.

All our Ever Clean cat litters are made in Holland using bentonite clay – a natural material that we believe is the best, most absorbent type of clumping clay available. They include our unique activated carbon technology, which traps and locks in odours to reduce smells instead of just masking. We know that cats’ paws are amazingly sensitive, so Ever Clean is made with fine particles that are softer to the touch.

I have more than one cat. What’s the best clumping litter for multiple cats?

We know that homes with more than one cat might need a little extra malodour control. That’s why we added extra odour fighters to Ever Clean Multiple Cat.

My cat is sensitive to fragrances. Do you have an unscented cat litter?

We know that some cats (and their owners) are more sensitive to fragrances than others.

If you’d prefer an unscented cat litter, choose Ever Clean Extra Strong Clumping Unscented,  Ever Clean Total Cover or Ever Clean Multi-Crystals.

Is carbon safe for cats?

Our cat litters contain our proprietary activated carbon technology to trap and lock in odours instead of masking them. Our proprietary carbon is naturally sourced from coconut shells and is safe for use by cats.

Is your cat litter biodegradable?

Our Ever Clean cat litter contains natural clay that, doesn’t break down, but returns to its natural state. As a result Ever Clean is not a biodegradable cat litter. Please dispose of used litter with your household rubbish.

Is it okay to flush cat litter down the toilet?

Never flush Ever Clean down the toilet – it is not a flushable cat litter. Ever Clean is a clumping cat litter, which means it can clog drains and cause a blockage, or even damage septic systems. Proper disposal of cat litter in your household waste also prevents the spread of toxoplasmosis into the marine environment.

How should I dispose of used Ever Clean cat litter?

After your cat has used the litter tray, scoop out the tight clumps and throw away with your household rubbish. Don’t flush it in the toilet. Any unused cat litter will stay fresh, so simply top up the litter tray with enough Ever Clean to replace what you scooped out. Empty and refill the tray as often as you need to.

Can I use Ever Clean cat litter for my other pets like hamsters, rabbits or ferrets?

At Ever Clean, we’re all about cats. So we can only vouch for the safety of our cat litters when it comes to cats – don’t try it with other pets.

Is Ever Clean cat litter harmful if my pet eats it?

We’re not aware of any animals, including kittens, that have come to any harm when ingesting Ever Clean in small quantities. However, if your cat has eaten a large amount it could be dangerous – so please, get them straight to a vet.

Can I mix Ever Clean cat litter with other types of cat litter?

Ever Clean is carefully engineered to offer you superior results, so we would always recommend you use our cat litters as they come, straight from the box.

You will not get the same great results if you mix Ever Clean with other types of cat litter. In fact, it may no longer clump properly at all.

The one exception is if you’re in the process of changing from a different brand of litter, in which case you might want to mix some of the new litter with the old to help your cat get used to the change more gradually. After a couple of changes, you should be able to use Ever Clean exclusively.

Is it safe to handle cat litter during pregnancy?

Pregnant women will be perfectly safe handling unused cat litter.

However, you shouldn’t change used cat litter during pregnancy because illnesses including toxoplasmosis can be transmitted by cat faeces. Toxoplasmosis is very rare but can be passed to, or damage, your unborn baby. For more information, please speak to your midwife or GP.

Which is the best cat litter for kittens?

Playful kittens may make a mess while they get the hang of the litter tray – it’s perfectly normal kitten behaviour.

The clay, meanwhile, may become stuck to their tiny paws and be carried around the home. That’s why we designed Ever Clean LitterFree Paws with larger particles and a 99.9% dust free formula. That should help with litter tray training and keep your home a little tidier too.

Why is my cat urinating outside the litter tray?

There are many reasons your cat might be urinating outside the litter tray.

Kittens will need some training when they first arrive in your home to get used to using a litter tray. Older cats, meanwhile, can sometimes develop incontinence problems, and if this is the case we recommend placing more trays around your home so they don’t get caught short. If you’re in any doubt at all about why your cat is urinating outside the litter tray, please take them for a check-up with the vet – it can be a sign of some common health problems.

Will my cats notice a difference if I change litters?

In general, cats aren’t the biggest fans of change.

So, if you’re switching to Ever Clean from a different brand of litter (or even just trying a new fragrance), we recommend making the change gradually. To begin with, mix in some of the new litter with the old brand, and then increase the amount of Ever Clean on the next litter tray change after that. This will help your cat feel happier and more comfortable with the new litter. After a couple of changes, you should be able to use Ever Clean exclusively.