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Cat litter matters for your cat’s health and happiness

Explore why the right litter trays are important and how to make them a safe and reassuring space for your cat.

Cat Communication

While our cats might not be the most ‘talkative’ of pets we can still tell a lot about their feelings by learning to spot their body language.

Why does my cat spread the litter outside the tray?

Cats are famously clean animals – but even the cleanest cats can be messy from time to time!

Litter training for kittens

The complete guide for litter training your kitten

Help – my cat’s litter tray is smelly! How to keep it fresh.

It’s a myth that having a cat means you’ll need to put up with a smelly home. Or that you’ll need expensive air fresheners to cover unwanted odours.

Why has my cat stopped using the litter tray?

One day, they are happily digging in the litter tray. The next, they’re nowhere to be seen and there’s a bad smell behind the sofa. It’s time to work out what’s wrong.

Our top 5 tips for a happy and healthy cat

Ever wondered what life is like for your cat? They experience the world differently to us humans, but there are some things we have in common...

The secret language of cats

Understanding cats can be tough. One moment they love you. The next, they’re in a world of their own. It’s like they have a secret language!...

Let’s chat litter

There are lots of different types of cat litter available and, whether it’s for your first cat or your fifth, the choice can be a little daunting…

Take our cat facts challenge!

Cats are fascinating. It’s a fact! We wanted to set you a challenge – and find out who’s the top cat when it comes to cat facts…