What is the difference between clumping or non-clumping?

Clumping cat litters absorb litter tray waste from your cat into tight, solid clumps. Clumping cat litter provides superior malodour control odours and easier management of waste which can be easily scooped out and thrown away. In time you simply top up the cat litter what you scooped out.

Non-clumping litters act like toilet paper by soaking up all the liquid they can, but some will inevitably reach the bottom of the tray. You’ll also need to throw away the entire contents of the litter tray and replace it every week. They may be perceived as cost-effective but, in fact, non-clumping litters can actually be more expensive in the long run.

At Ever Clean, all of our clumping cat litters are made of the best quality clumping clay for superior results.

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