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Help – my cat’s litter tray is smelly! How to keep it fresh

It’s a myth that having a cat means you’ll need to put up with a smelly home. Or that you’ll need expensive air fresheners to cover unwanted odours.

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Our top 5 tips for a happy and healthy cat

Ever wondered what life is like for your cat? They experience the world differently to us humans, but there are some things we have in common...

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The secret language of cats

Understanding cats can be tough. One moment they love you. The next, they’re in a world of their own. It’s like they have a secret language!...

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Let’s chat litter

There are lots of different types of cat litter available and, whether it’s for your first cat or your fifth, the choice can be a little daunting…

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Take our cat facts challenge!

Cats are fascinating. It’s a fact! We wanted to set you a challenge – and find out who’s the top cat when it comes to cat facts…

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Love your litter tray

At Ever Clean, we’re passionate about making the best cat litter. Over the years, we’ve also learnt a thing or two about the cats who use it…

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