Why choose Ever Clean?

Maximum Odour Elimination icon

Maximum Odour Elimination

Activated Carbon Technology traps and locks in odours instead of masking it.

Unbeatable Clump Strength icon

Unbeatable Clump Strength

Highly absorbent clumping clay reduces crumbling, resulting in tight easy-to-remove clumps.

Eliminates Urine, Fecal & Ammonia Odours icon

Eliminates Urine, Fecal & Ammonia Odours

High quality clay naturally neutralises ammonia and prevents the growth of urine odours in the litter box.

Low Dust Formula icon

Low Dust Formula

Helps to keep paws and homes clean and dust free for an environment of wellbeing.

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We love cats, and we know they need the right environment to flourish. That’s why we’ve spent over 30 years perfecting our superior clumping cat litter.

About Us