Inspired by nature, Ever Clean Spring Garden is specially designed to bring a fresh floral scent to your home and eliminate unwanted odours.

Help your kitten or cat leave litter where it belongs, thanks to Ever Clean Litterfree Paws’ 99.9% dust-free formula and larger granules that keep paws up to 3x cleaner.* *vs Ever Clean Total Cover **when poured into the tray If you’re lucky enough to share your home with more than one cat, Ever Clean’s Multiple Cat will provide extra odour fighters for litter trays exposed to high usage. Fresh Scented clumping cat Litter with Extra Strong clumping formula locks in malodour for continuous freshness. Ever Clean Fast Acting releases 60% more odour blockers within 3 seconds* to ensure your cat can continue to enjoy their home environment especially within small spaces. *Ever Clean Fast Acting Odour Control releases 60% more odour blockers within 3 seconds than Ever Clean Extra Strong Clumping Scented Inspired by the natural environment, Ever Clean Lavender scented clumping cat litter releases a fresh fragrance when required.