Pregnant women will be perfectly safe handling unused cat litter. However, you shouldn’t change used cat litter during pregnancy because illnesses including toxoplasmosis can be transmitted by cat faeces. Toxoplasmosis is very rare but can be passed to, or damage, your unborn baby. For more information, please speak to your midwife or GP. Ever Clean is carefully engineered to offer you superior results, so we would always recommend you use our cat litters as they come, straight from the box. You will not get the same great results if you mix Ever Clean with other types of cat litter. In fact, it may no longer clump properly at all. The one exception is if you’re in the process of changing from a different brand of litter, in which case you might want to mix some of the new litter with the old to help your cat get used to the change more gradually. After a couple of changes, you should be able to use Ever Clean exclusively. We’re not aware of any animals, including kittens, that have come to any harm when ingesting Ever Clean in small quantities. However, if your cat has eaten a large amount it could be dangerous – so please, get them straight to a vet. At Ever Clean, we’re all about cats. So we can only vouch for the safety of our cat litters when it comes to cats – don’t try it with other pets. After your cat has used the litter tray, scoop out the tight clumps and throw away with your household rubbish. Don’t flush it in the toilet. Any unused cat litter will stay fresh, so simply top up the litter tray with enough Ever Clean to replace what you scooped out. Empty and refill the tray as often as you need to. Never flush Ever Clean down the toilet – it is not a flushable cat litter. Ever Clean is a clumping cat litter, which means it can clog drains and cause a blockage, or even damage septic systems. Proper disposal of cat litter in your household waste also prevents the spread of toxoplasmosis into the marine environment. Our Ever Clean cat litter contains natural clay that, doesn’t break down, but returns to its natural state. As a result Ever Clean is not a biodegradable cat litter. Please dispose of used litter with your household rubbish. Our cat litters contain our proprietary activated carbon technology to trap and lock in odours instead of masking them. Our proprietary carbon is naturally sourced from coconut shells and is safe for use by cats. We know that some cats (and their owners) are more sensitive to fragrances than others. If you’d prefer an unscented cat litter, choose Ever Clean Extra Strong Clumping Unscented,  Ever Clean Total Cover or Ever Clean Multi-Crystals. We know that homes with more than one cat might need a little extra malodour control. That’s why we added extra odour fighters to Ever Clean Multiple Cat.