In general, cats aren’t the biggest fans of change. So, if you’re switching to Ever Clean from a different brand of litter (or even just trying a new fragrance), we recommend making the change gradually. To begin with, mix in some of the new litter with the old brand, and then increase the amount of Ever Clean on the next litter tray change after that. This will help your cat feel happier and more comfortable with the new litter. After a couple of changes, you should be able to use Ever Clean exclusively. There are many reasons your cat might be urinating outside the litter tray. Kittens will need some training when they first arrive in your home to get used to using a litter tray. Older cats, meanwhile, can sometimes develop incontinence problems, and if this is the case we recommend placing more trays around your home so they don’t get caught short. If you’re in any doubt at all about why your cat is urinating outside the litter tray, please take them for a check-up with the vet – it can be a sign of some common health problems. Playful kittens may make a mess while they get the hang of the litter tray – it’s perfectly normal kitten behaviour. The clay, meanwhile, may become stuck to their tiny paws and be carried around the home. That’s why we designed Ever Clean LitterFree Paws with larger particles and a 99.9% dust free formula. That should help with litter tray training and keep your home a little tidier too.